Colored Diamonds: the beauty and vitality

Colored diamonds are loved by many. The color of these diamonds cover the whole spectrum and can be attributed to natural elements and pressure experienced while formation of the diamond. Like other diamonds, colored diamonds can have any shape you want. In fact, the perfect cut makes your best colored diamond more alluring.


Diamonds are the most precious, valued and loved gifts to many. If the diamond is colorful, you have the extra constituent to value. The color of the diamonds, defined by a number of characteristics, varies widely and covers the whole spectrum almost. By definition, a perfect colorless diamond has no extra chemical attributes, an ideal structure, and completely no color at all. However, tracing such a stone is practically impossible, if it even exists. Variouscomplex elements in the stones produce some of the most beautiful fancy colored diamonds, and the desire for these colored diamonds has grown.

The color diamond you want:

Color in diamonds can be attributed to the compound elements within the stones. It is believed that you can have colored diamonds in all the colors of the rainbow. Usual diamond colors are blue, yellow, pink, green, grey, black, orange, brown, violet, purple, white, and the rarest red.

The price of your colored diamond:

Price of a colored diamond varies based on hue (the rarer the color, the higher the cost), richness or saturation of the color (ranging from very light to light to intense to vivid), clarity of the color (whether the color is vivid and clear, or misty) and availability. The best prices can be obtained from “direct from the mine” wholesalers. Wholesalers usually have either uneven stone or lately cut diamonds directly from the mine. However, all wholesalers will not sell to private buyers. Those selling to private buyers can save their clients quite a bit of money.

The three attributes for colored diamonds:

Finding out exactly what colors are present in the stone is fairlytricky by the inexpert eye. However, diamond professionals use methodicalapproach to recognize the precisecolor of the stones. The three characteristics that are used for assessing a diamond’s color are hue, saturationand tone.

  • hueis defined as the shade of color present in the stone.
  • tone is defined as the lightness or darkness of the color.
  • saturation is the vigor or clarity of the colors.

These attributes are all judged and tailored to qualify the stones as a precise grade on the color scale.

Shape of your colored diamond:

Shape of colored diamonds is as important as that of any other diamond. However, the perfect cut and accurate shape can give your colored diamond extra vigor and vividness. You can have your colored diamond shaped as emerald, heart, asscher, princess, radiant oval, round, princess etc. Shape of any diamond is usually described by the finished geometrical nature. Though the basic shapes are the most admired ones, variations on the familiar forms exist, creating a broad continuum of shapes.

So color your life and dream with colored diamonds. Be the unusual and stylish being and choose colored diamonds.