Pink Colored Diamond Ring for Engagement

Engagement is an occasion where we need ring for both bride and groom. Ring is the main theme for this event. The decision of buying ring for engagement depends on both the bride and groom. There are different type of engagement ring and different type of people like different ring. Some like gold ring and some of them diamond ring but nowadays most of the people like the diamond ring for their engagement. The popularity of it increasing day by day.

There are producing different color of diamond ring. Among them, the pink colored diamond ring is most famous. Diamond specialist says before the pink diamond have been created, A specific and geological forces are needed. This forces make the diamond stone pink color. The pink and white diamond are different from each other by their structure.

It is not easy to find colorful diamond because they are rare. Among the colorful diamond, the number of diverse color is 12. The pink color diamond is a symbol of love and passion. It also represents desire and energy. The pink diamond helps to feel special and love in the heart of bride and groom. The yellow colored diamond is rarest natural color diamond. After that the pink diamond is rarest. The pink colored diamond is luxurious diamond.Due to the growing popularity of pink diamond, more and more brides to be are changing their preference from the classic diamond engagement to pink diamond engagement rings– adding a little touch of NOW to the classics…

The color quality is an important factor for diamond. The price depends on the color of the diamond. Pink colored diamond is more valuable than other colored diamonds. Though it is rare but nowadays it is found available in the market than other like brown, purple, gray, orange etc.The price is another important factor. The pink diamond is expensive. So, you have the ability to buy pink diamond ring. It is an important matter that before you will buy the pink diamond, you should know about the pink diamond and its right price. So, the men should be careful about it.

At present, the engage couples first choice is pink colored diamond ring. The engagement ring is a symbol of love. So, when you will buy the engagement ring, you should buy it according to your partner choice. In this way, you can win your partner heart.Our site is available for diamond engagement ring. We provide a lot of colorful diamond ring with an exclusive design of good quality. If you want to buy diamond rings for your engagement, please visit our site as soon as possible.

The Process of Manufacturing pink Diamond

We all know that diamond is a favorite jewelry to all women. Nowadays it is the best luxurious jewelry. The color diamonds are very much famous nowadays. Colorful diamond is rarer than the white diamond. Colorful diamond is more expensive than colorless diamond. Color is the most important factor for diamond. Some people like colorless or white diamond and other people like colorful diamond. Among the color diamond, pink is one. In this article, I am going to describe about the pink diamond and the process of creating pink diamond.

There are many reason a diamond to be pink. The formation of pink diamond is common like other diamond. After replacing the elements of carbon molecules, diamond gets colorful. When the nitrogen molecules will bond with the carbon molecules, the pink diamonds are formed.

The irradiation treatment is not used for creating pink diamonds. This process is not used for creating other colors. After irradiation treatment, it is also given heat and pressure to create another color like brown, yellow, orange and pink.

Grading scale is important for diamond. Different diamond have different grading scale. The colorless diamond grading scale is started from D to Z. The grading scale of fancy diamond is Z. The pink diamond has grading scale which are fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy intense pink and fancy vivid pink etc.

The popularity of pink diamonds are increasing day by day. Pink diamonds rings are very popular for engagement. Nowadays, celebrities started to use pink diamond for their engagement and wedding ceremony. Where the celebrities go everybody follow them In this reason, people are excited to buy the pink diamond rings for their engagement. Color plays an important role. Pink color is very much popular. So, the pink diamonds has been increasing its market place.
The pink diamonds are formed in Brazil, India and Africa. It first starts at Western Australia. It is the main producer of pink diamond. In Brazil, India, Africa, the Argyle diamonds are placed Lamproite is the name of the formation system of pink. Among the diamond, pink diamond is one of the best natural diamond in the world.

Pink diamond is very rare so it is very expensive. The pink diamond is more valuable than the white diamond. It is better for you to buy pink diamonds. You can use pink diamond rings in your engagement. If you want to know about pink color diamonds, you should go to a jewelry shop and discuss about it. You can get a good idea about it.

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The Reason Why Fancy diamonds Are In Natural Color

The women who likes jewellery definitely like diamond. Women have a great attraction for jewellery. Diamond is the best jewellery for them. The fashion of using diamonds have not started from a long days ago. At present, it is very much popular jewellery. When we go to a jewellery shop to buy a diamond, we often choose white diamond. The white diamonds are found easily in the market. There are many white colour diamond which have no color, but some of them have natural colour. These diamonds are called fancy colour diamonds. They come with different colour blue, pink, brown, and yellow.

Carbon is the main element of the diamond. Now we will discuss about the diamond and the necessity of the carbon in the diamond.

White diamonds are formed in a chemical structure. The white diamond are purely made from carbon. But, the colored diamonds are not much pure as white diamonds. By replacing the elements of carbon molecules make the diamond colorful. When the carbon molecules will bond nitrogen molecules, then the yellow or light brown diamonds are formed. The boron molecules make the diamond blueish green. It sometimes make the diamond orange or red. Natural radiation makes the diamonds naturally colorful.

Man can be irradiated diamonds by unnatural forces. This process also used for creating colorful diamond.

Yellow Diamond

Among the colorful diamond, yellow diamond is one of the famous diamond. It is also called canary diamond. When the carbon molecules will bond with nitrogen molecules, then the yellow diamonds are formed.

Blue Diamond

The color of the blue diamond is created by boron. In the blue diamond, the crystals are structured by the color comes from the boron trapped. They are very rare. A blue diamond is only the reflection of blue hue.

Pink Diamond

Pink diamond is one of the expensive diamond. At first the pink diamonds are formed in Brazil, India and Africa. The Argyle are formed first at Western Australia. It is the biggest producer of pink diamonds. The production of Argyle diamonds are placed in Brazil, India, Africa etc. The formation system of this diamonds are called lamproite. It is the best natural diamond of the world.

Brown Diamond

Brown diamond is mostly found diamond. The brown diamond has many name like chocolate, cognac and the orangey afterglow of sunset. The color of the brown diamond is created not only by impurities but also comprised parallel gain structure with diamonds.

Fancy colour diamonds are not found easily, so the rate of the diamond is very high. The rate is very high because of their color, intensity etc. Fancy colour diamond is very exceptional from other diamonds, so day by day its popularity is increasing.

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About Fancy colored Diamond

The women who likes jewelry definitely like diamond. Women have a great attraction for jewelry. Diamond is the best jewelry for them. The fashion of using diamonds have not started from a long days ago. At present, it is very much popular jewelry. There are mainly two type of diamonds. One is natural colored diamond and another one is colored diamond. Colored diamond is more expensive than natural colored diamond. Everyone has their own choice. So, it is only their decision what type of diamond they choose.

Natural colored diamonds are the best example of natural beauty. There are many reason for the color of the natural diamond. By replacing the elements of carbon molecules make the diamond colorful. When the carbon molecules will bond with the nitrogen molecules, then the yellow or light brown diamonds are formed. The boron molecules make the diamond bluish green. It sometimes make the diamond orange or red. Natural radiation makes the diamonds naturally colorful.

When the fancy color diamond is lacked of its color, then it is valued on the intensity of their colour. The popularity of fancy color diamond is increasing day by day. But it is so much rare and expensive. The fancy colour diamonds are not easily found in market. Now the fancy diamonds are sold $ 1.5 million per credit in the whole world. There is also a way to make the colorful diamond in the lab.

Some colours are rarer than others because the making process is so much rare. So, these are not found very easily in the market. These are extremely very exclusive. Some colours are little common.

The irradiation treatment is also used for creating fancy colored diamond. It also happens naturally. For creating this, gamma rays, neutrons, electrons, knocking carbon atoms are bombarded by the diamonds. This also create blue or green color. In this process, all the diamonds become bluish-green and black color. It does not create other colors. After irradiation treatment, it also give heat and pressure to create another color like brown, yellow, orange and pink. Annealed is another way of creating fancy color diamonds. It also provide high temperature and high pressure.

Fancy colour diamonds are exclusive, so the rate of the diamond is very high. The rate is very high because of their colour etc. Fancy colour diamond is very exceptional from other diamonds, so day by day its popularity is increasing. It also increases its market place.

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Fashionable Fancy Color Diamonds

The fancy color diamonds are fashionable in so many ways. Its colors reflect the perfect hues and saturation, which displays a dazzling beauty in the world of jewelries. This has been popular among many collectors and wealthy people for having been known for its

Diamonds are formed after many processes involving heat and pressurized methods under about 120 miles below the earth’s crust. The formation takes several years before mining companies are able to dig into these rare and distinguished beauties. Many take interest to the kind of satisfaction they bring towards an extravagant lifestyle, including the collectors, businessmen, and avid consumers.

A complete range of rare and expensive colors lies in the Cute Fancy Color Diamonds collection. It consists of a wide variety of colors available – yellow, red, pink, green, blue, orange, black, and many more. Its pricings will differ based on its rarity, public demand, color intensity, and special certifications it has acquired. The spectrum contains certain colors that meet the high standards of the people. Through its evaluation conducted by specialized processing laboratories such as GIA, we are able to determine its value and how much it would cost when invested.

These colored stones are much more expensive than normal and colorless ones. There is roughly a single carat existing in every thousands that they acquire through mining, making it all the more exclusive and rare. When naturally taken from nature, the colors in this diamond exist because of certain elements that help absorb specific lights in each diamond. Elements like nitrogen which causes yellow, brown, and even pink hues; boron, which results in blue or gray hues; or hydrogen, which creates green, red, violet, and olive colors. These can drastically change a diamond’s color. However, it is not easy to achieve. Diamond industries have mastered this art of perfecting the hues and saturations of each diamond to produce the rarest combination and most beautiful colors.

The fancy color diamonds range has a separate set of parameters. These are graded base on the hue, tone, and saturation of its colors. The secondary colors are assessed as well, as it can also make an impact to its result and vary its value. From faint, light, and very light colored diamonds, it goes up until the fancy intense, fancy deep, and fancy vivid colors. This is a complex process of determining its intensity, which will then prove its worth. The rich and saturated colors are much more preferred compared to light and less saturated stones.

Other factors are considered when grading as well – the cut, clarity, and carat size. GIA has set standards to how each will be graded through these elements. The cut refers to the size and shape that often sets a diamond into full intensity. Certain styles can achieve that to make the color richer and intensified. Clarity shows how a diamond shines with brilliance in a face-up appearance. Its inclusion can affect its value and can provide significance to a diamond. The carat size will differ on which diamond is rarer.

As an investment, diamonds would do modestly in the years to come. With sales climbing up each year for diamonds, jewelry pieces sold all over the market have made a trend. The glamorous figures of diamonds delved back into history when estate jewelry has gained most sales from this little popularity it is acquiring.

Meeting the Standards of Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy color diamonds contain a wide range of colors that garnered a lot of interest from buyers because of their high-qualities in production. By following a certain grading system set by professional laboratory graders, it is ensured that these diamonds result into standards of many jewelry collectors.


Fancy color diamonds are natural stones that are ranged within expensive prices and high quality. Its dazzling beauty takes you into the world of glamor with qualities they possess that vary from one to another. Asteria provides these kinds of diamond with high-graded qualities made straight from the manufacturers, ensuring your investments for a long time.

When purchasing a diamond, it is best to study its structures if it passes the quality of being a fancy diamond. Although there are many genuine ones that are being sold in the market, there are treated diamonds that are sold as imitates as well. They cost a lot cheaper than natural fancy colors as they are made from cheap brown-colored diamonds that are treated in high temperature and high pressure to copy the precise colors of natural ones. It is easy to determine whether it is treated or not through its overly-saturated colors that makes it look unnatural. Those with keen eyes for diamonds will spot this kind of difference and will know that cheaply-treated gems are not worth any of your investment.

Gemological Institute of America Inc. has set these factors that qualify its quality through the definition of 4C’s – the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. First, its value is determined through the rarity of its color. The varieties of fancy colors lie within those outside the normal range, which, in a diamond’s case, are opposite to those with absence of color. Among the most popular in this category are the saturated pinks, greens, and blues.

With a complex and specialized procedure in grading a diamond, highly trained laboratory graders do this job to ensure its efficiency and accuracy. Diamonds that exist naturally with specific colors are regarded as the most expensive as they rarely come up with just the right hints of colors. Usually, in the fancy colors range, the diamond with the most intensified color cost more than the rest.

The diamond’s cut usually has a full 58 facets and a good scintillation that creates more sparkle. With the hands of a master cutter, the right cut will provide just the maximum amount of light that will be reflected by a diamond. This enables the best use of light so that it will appear dazzling and not mediocre. Some have the ideal cut to maximize the brilliance and scintillation.

A rare stone usually has a great clarity, which in turns make it highly valued. These diamonds are flawless that, even under a 10x magnitude, no inclusions or blemishes are found. There are certain grading factors that determine these, and usually the “eye-clean” ones make the hugest impact.

Lastly, the carat weight also affects the value of a diamond. The more the weight, the higher it is sold. However, this does not define its beauty and most usually, many sacrifice this property to beautify a diamond more. The value could range differently depending on its characteristics, but diamonds that are suited for you are those that meet the standard qualifications set by respectable laboratories worldwide. To know more about fancy color diamonds click asteria diamonds.