Meeting the Standards of Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy color diamonds contain a wide range of colors that garnered a lot of interest from buyers because of their high-qualities in production. By following a certain grading system set by professional laboratory graders, it is ensured that these diamonds result into standards of many jewelry collectors.


Fancy color diamonds are natural stones that are ranged within expensive prices and high quality. Its dazzling beauty takes you into the world of glamor with qualities they possess that vary from one to another. Asteria provides these kinds of diamond with high-graded qualities made straight from the manufacturers, ensuring your investments for a long time.

When purchasing a diamond, it is best to study its structures if it passes the quality of being a fancy diamond. Although there are many genuine ones that are being sold in the market, there are treated diamonds that are sold as imitates as well. They cost a lot cheaper than natural fancy colors as they are made from cheap brown-colored diamonds that are treated in high temperature and high pressure to copy the precise colors of natural ones. It is easy to determine whether it is treated or not through its overly-saturated colors that makes it look unnatural. Those with keen eyes for diamonds will spot this kind of difference and will know that cheaply-treated gems are not worth any of your investment.

Gemological Institute of America Inc. has set these factors that qualify its quality through the definition of 4C’s – the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. First, its value is determined through the rarity of its color. The varieties of fancy colors lie within those outside the normal range, which, in a diamond’s case, are opposite to those with absence of color. Among the most popular in this category are the saturated pinks, greens, and blues.

With a complex and specialized procedure in grading a diamond, highly trained laboratory graders do this job to ensure its efficiency and accuracy. Diamonds that exist naturally with specific colors are regarded as the most expensive as they rarely come up with just the right hints of colors. Usually, in the fancy colors range, the diamond with the most intensified color cost more than the rest.

The diamond’s cut usually has a full 58 facets and a good scintillation that creates more sparkle. With the hands of a master cutter, the right cut will provide just the maximum amount of light that will be reflected by a diamond. This enables the best use of light so that it will appear dazzling and not mediocre. Some have the ideal cut to maximize the brilliance and scintillation.

A rare stone usually has a great clarity, which in turns make it highly valued. These diamonds are flawless that, even under a 10x magnitude, no inclusions or blemishes are found. There are certain grading factors that determine these, and usually the “eye-clean” ones make the hugest impact.

Lastly, the carat weight also affects the value of a diamond. The more the weight, the higher it is sold. However, this does not define its beauty and most usually, many sacrifice this property to beautify a diamond more. The value could range differently depending on its characteristics, but diamonds that are suited for you are those that meet the standard qualifications set by respectable laboratories worldwide. To know more about fancy color diamonds click asteria diamonds.