Meeting the Standards of Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy color diamonds contain a wide range of colors that garnered a lot of interest from buyers because of their high-qualities in production. By following a certain grading system set by professional laboratory graders, it is ensured that these diamonds result into standards of many jewelry collectors.


Fancy color diamonds are natural stones that are ranged within expensive prices and high quality. Its dazzling beauty takes you into the world of glamor with qualities they possess that vary from one to another. Asteria provides these kinds of diamond with high-graded qualities made straight from the manufacturers, ensuring your investments for a long time.

When purchasing a diamond, it is best to study its structures if it passes the quality of being a fancy diamond. Although there are many genuine ones that are being sold in the market, there are treated diamonds that are sold as imitates as well. They cost a lot cheaper than natural fancy colors as they are made from cheap brown-colored diamonds that are treated in high temperature and high pressure to copy the precise colors of natural ones. It is easy to determine whether it is treated or not through its overly-saturated colors that makes it look unnatural. Those with keen eyes for diamonds will spot this kind of difference and will know that cheaply-treated gems are not worth any of your investment.

Gemological Institute of America Inc. has set these factors that qualify its quality through the definition of 4C’s – the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. First, its value is determined through the rarity of its color. The varieties of fancy colors lie within those outside the normal range, which, in a diamond’s case, are opposite to those with absence of color. Among the most popular in this category are the saturated pinks, greens, and blues.

With a complex and specialized procedure in grading a diamond, highly trained laboratory graders do this job to ensure its efficiency and accuracy. Diamonds that exist naturally with specific colors are regarded as the most expensive as they rarely come up with just the right hints of colors. Usually, in the fancy colors range, the diamond with the most intensified color cost more than the rest.

The diamond’s cut usually has a full 58 facets and a good scintillation that creates more sparkle. With the hands of a master cutter, the right cut will provide just the maximum amount of light that will be reflected by a diamond. This enables the best use of light so that it will appear dazzling and not mediocre. Some have the ideal cut to maximize the brilliance and scintillation.

A rare stone usually has a great clarity, which in turns make it highly valued. These diamonds are flawless that, even under a 10x magnitude, no inclusions or blemishes are found. There are certain grading factors that determine these, and usually the “eye-clean” ones make the hugest impact.

Lastly, the carat weight also affects the value of a diamond. The more the weight, the higher it is sold. However, this does not define its beauty and most usually, many sacrifice this property to beautify a diamond more. The value could range differently depending on its characteristics, but diamonds that are suited for you are those that meet the standard qualifications set by respectable laboratories worldwide. To know more about fancy color diamonds click asteria diamonds.

Yellow Diamond Rings: Commemorating Beautifully

Yellow diamond rings are elegant and contain the most available colored diamond found in nature. The value of the yellow diamond rings depends on clarity, cut, color, weight of the stone and combination of the stone with the jewelry. Like the other diamond rings, if cut and matched perfectly, the yellow diamond rings show unmatched exquisiteness.


Diamonds are known for centuries to magnetize women and men. Yellow diamond rings create the sensation of dream in the eyes of the viewer as well. Yellow diamond, generally most common of all the colored diamonds, has its exclusive marvel of prettiness. If these yellow diamonds are used in any ring, remember to look for the match. As the shade of the stone of the ring gets deeper, the ring becomes more expensive. If you can just set the diamond in yellow gold, you can experience the true elegance of this yellow diamond ring. Shade of yellow diamonds set in such rings often ranges from saturated vivid to intense yellow to light yellow concentration. The rarest of all is the fancy deep. You can choose from large diversity of yellow diamond stones with varied color, shape, size, cut and clarity.

Find out the most outstanding colored diamond rings on earth. Irrespective of the occasion that you are celebrating, a graceful natural yellow diamond ring is definite to be the perfect gesture to rejoice with, whether you desire a revolutionary, contemporary look or soft classic style.

The price to pay:

For pricing a yellow diamond ring, there is hardly any definite rule. You can consider certain parameters for retail pricing like hue,affluence, purity of the color and availability. Pricing will not only depend on the stone, but also on the setting, structure and combination. In fact, the beauty of the yellow diamond ring comes from combined matching and prettiness.


    • By clarity, color distribution and cut of the stone, you can get an idea of the range where a particular yellow diamond will fall
    • If you buy diamonds with less than 0.80 carat, you can save 10%-20%
    • If you decide to buy remarkably well cut stones and stones with good clarity, you have to pay 10%-20% more

You can choose to select diamonds in secondary colors like brownish yellow to save money as well.

Setting of your ring:

Yellow diamond rings, be it for engagement or for any other purpose, almost always have a modified cut unlike the colorless rings. Color diamonds in general contain asymmetric, extended faceted arrangements to be able to show true color vividly. The piece of ornament is also built according to the diamond. Importance is given on having perfectly fit settings that will boost the color shown. Yellow diamond ring with the cup made of yellow gold can express your golden heart best.

Why yellow diamond ring as engagement ring

If you pick a yellow colored diamond ring rather than a colorless diamond ring for your engagement, you can express your love in the most unconventional way. Yellow diamond engagement ring will express your affection and love to your partner in the most exquisite way possible. Your soul partner will be delighted and superbly allured. Besides, these are sensibly priced, yet especially amazing rings.

Yellow diamond rings as investment: 

Yellow diamond outstanding and unique. Therefore, the demand for such rings is of stable nature and can in fact augment in future.

Pick this graceful, fashionable, trendy and classy yellow diamond ring for your engagement or commemorating any milestone of your life. Express your fondness with the vibrant sunny color and radiant gleam of a yellow diamond ring.

Colored Diamonds: the beauty and vitality

Colored diamonds are loved by many. The color of these diamonds cover the whole spectrum and can be attributed to natural elements and pressure experienced while formation of the diamond. Like other diamonds, colored diamonds can have any shape you want. In fact, the perfect cut makes your best colored diamond more alluring.


Diamonds are the most precious, valued and loved gifts to many. If the diamond is colorful, you have the extra constituent to value. The color of the diamonds, defined by a number of characteristics, varies widely and covers the whole spectrum almost. By definition, a perfect colorless diamond has no extra chemical attributes, an ideal structure, and completely no color at all. However, tracing such a stone is practically impossible, if it even exists. Variouscomplex elements in the stones produce some of the most beautiful fancy colored diamonds, and the desire for these colored diamonds has grown.

The color diamond you want:

Color in diamonds can be attributed to the compound elements within the stones. It is believed that you can have colored diamonds in all the colors of the rainbow. Usual diamond colors are blue, yellow, pink, green, grey, black, orange, brown, violet, purple, white, and the rarest red.

The price of your colored diamond:

Price of a colored diamond varies based on hue (the rarer the color, the higher the cost), richness or saturation of the color (ranging from very light to light to intense to vivid), clarity of the color (whether the color is vivid and clear, or misty) and availability. The best prices can be obtained from “direct from the mine” wholesalers. Wholesalers usually have either uneven stone or lately cut diamonds directly from the mine. However, all wholesalers will not sell to private buyers. Those selling to private buyers can save their clients quite a bit of money.

The three attributes for colored diamonds:

Finding out exactly what colors are present in the stone is fairlytricky by the inexpert eye. However, diamond professionals use methodicalapproach to recognize the precisecolor of the stones. The three characteristics that are used for assessing a diamond’s color are hue, saturationand tone.

  • hueis defined as the shade of color present in the stone.
  • tone is defined as the lightness or darkness of the color.
  • saturation is the vigor or clarity of the colors.

These attributes are all judged and tailored to qualify the stones as a precise grade on the color scale.

Shape of your colored diamond:

Shape of colored diamonds is as important as that of any other diamond. However, the perfect cut and accurate shape can give your colored diamond extra vigor and vividness. You can have your colored diamond shaped as emerald, heart, asscher, princess, radiant oval, round, princess etc. Shape of any diamond is usually described by the finished geometrical nature. Though the basic shapes are the most admired ones, variations on the familiar forms exist, creating a broad continuum of shapes.

So color your life and dream with colored diamonds. Be the unusual and stylish being and choose colored diamonds.

Fancy Color Diamonds: Great Beauty Invested

Find your perfect diamond in Asteria, where diamonds take on its toll to great investments and priceless beauty, all in one. They offer a wide range of colored diamonds made only from natural and genuine gems.


Everyone fancies elegant diamonds offered at valuable prices. These gems accentuate beauty through its strong characteristics of captivating the eyes. ASTERIA offers these kinds of diamonds, gemstones, and even jewelries that are made from the finest stones and highest quality. This company’s history dates back to 40 years ago from Eliyahu Bashari’s start as a jewelry manufacturer, gradually letting the world see his expertise in the Diamond industry. Asteria has a wide range of colored diamonds available – especially the yellow diamonds, as well as pink, blue, green, orange, red, black, argyle, and many other colors in store.

Investments on diamonds throughout history are proven to be highly excellent as it never fails to exceed its value. The characteristics possessed by a diamond may be intangible to what it’s worth, but aspects which are considered are the design, the particular cut of the stone which appeals to the person, the history, and where and how it is made. By its own craftsmanship, its value is determinable. An example for this are the Fancy Color Diamonds, to which they are now very popular.

In the world of fancy color diamonds, the yellow diamonds are found to be the fanciest of the bunch, making it highly priced due to their categorization in the diamond’s 4 Cs. Red, pink, and orange are highly expensive as well due to their rarity and beauty. During the traditional age, clear and colorless diamonds were deemed to be priceless as they are the ideal gem. Now, time has changed its ideal of beauty among diamonds with now a growing interest to the rarity of its various colors.

As they value customer satisfaction, Asteria also hasgreat customer services available. They ship worldwide all of their diamonds and jewelry, wherein the merchandise is fully insured and contains an invoice. A certificate can also be requested from the company. Their utilization provides the most secure and fastest method of shipping to make it into the hands of the customers. During the shopping phase the customer is required to enter personal details on a secured server to keep them private. Orders can also be made through phone and you can speak to an advisor to help you choose what diamond suits you.

Asteria masters its craft in Fancy Color Diamonds, thus, they are highly competitive in this industry to excel among many others. Diamond experts all over the world work for Asteria to provide an excellent quality on a wide range of rare diamonds. They make sure that the customers acquire what they desire to get: fancy diamonds, gemstones, and jewelries, all at the best prices and great value. Their diamonds and jewelries are genuine, natural, and untreated, which means it is safe to buy from them. Large, independent laboratories like GIA, AGS, EGL, and many others certify each of their diamond. They are also able to find or design a particular diamond if the customer is not able to suit anything from Asteria’s vast selection of diamonds. All are money back guarantee, free of defects, and include a warranty.