The Process of Manufacturing pink Diamond

We all know that diamond is a favorite jewelry to all women. Nowadays it is the best luxurious jewelry. The color diamonds are very much famous nowadays. Colorful diamond is rarer than the white diamond. Colorful diamond is more expensive than colorless diamond. Color is the most important factor for diamond. Some people like colorless or white diamond and other people like colorful diamond. Among the color diamond, pink is one. In this article, I am going to describe about the pink diamond and the process of creating pink diamond.

There are many reason a diamond to be pink. The formation of pink diamond is common like other diamond. After replacing the elements of carbon molecules, diamond gets colorful. When the nitrogen molecules will bond with the carbon molecules, the pink diamonds are formed.

The irradiation treatment is not used for creating pink diamonds. This process is not used for creating other colors. After irradiation treatment, it is also given heat and pressure to create another color like brown, yellow, orange and pink.

Grading scale is important for diamond. Different diamond have different grading scale. The colorless diamond grading scale is started from D to Z. The grading scale of fancy diamond is Z. The pink diamond has grading scale which are fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy intense pink and fancy vivid pink etc.

The popularity of pink diamonds are increasing day by day. Pink diamonds rings are very popular for engagement. Nowadays, celebrities started to use pink diamond for their engagement and wedding ceremony. Where the celebrities go everybody follow them In this reason, people are excited to buy the pink diamond rings for their engagement. Color plays an important role. Pink color is very much popular. So, the pink diamonds has been increasing its market place.
The pink diamonds are formed in Brazil, India and Africa. It first starts at Western Australia. It is the main producer of pink diamond. In Brazil, India, Africa, the Argyle diamonds are placed Lamproite is the name of the formation system of pink. Among the diamond, pink diamond is one of the best natural diamond in the world.

Pink diamond is very rare so it is very expensive. The pink diamond is more valuable than the white diamond. It is better for you to buy pink diamonds. You can use pink diamond rings in your engagement. If you want to know about pink color diamonds, you should go to a jewelry shop and discuss about it. You can get a good idea about it.

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