The Reason Why Fancy diamonds Are In Natural Color

The women who likes jewellery definitely like diamond. Women have a great attraction for jewellery. Diamond is the best jewellery for them. The fashion of using diamonds have not started from a long days ago. At present, it is very much popular jewellery. When we go to a jewellery shop to buy a diamond, we often choose white diamond. The white diamonds are found easily in the market. There are many white colour diamond which have no color, but some of them have natural colour. These diamonds are called fancy colour diamonds. They come with different colour blue, pink, brown, and yellow.

Carbon is the main element of the diamond. Now we will discuss about the diamond and the necessity of the carbon in the diamond.

White diamonds are formed in a chemical structure. The white diamond are purely made from carbon. But, the colored diamonds are not much pure as white diamonds. By replacing the elements of carbon molecules make the diamond colorful. When the carbon molecules will bond nitrogen molecules, then the yellow or light brown diamonds are formed. The boron molecules make the diamond blueish green. It sometimes make the diamond orange or red. Natural radiation makes the diamonds naturally colorful.

Man can be irradiated diamonds by unnatural forces. This process also used for creating colorful diamond.

Yellow Diamond

Among the colorful diamond, yellow diamond is one of the famous diamond. It is also called canary diamond. When the carbon molecules will bond with nitrogen molecules, then the yellow diamonds are formed.

Blue Diamond

The color of the blue diamond is created by boron. In the blue diamond, the crystals are structured by the color comes from the boron trapped. They are very rare. A blue diamond is only the reflection of blue hue.

Pink Diamond

Pink diamond is one of the expensive diamond. At first the pink diamonds are formed in Brazil, India and Africa. The Argyle are formed first at Western Australia. It is the biggest producer of pink diamonds. The production of Argyle diamonds are placed in Brazil, India, Africa etc. The formation system of this diamonds are called lamproite. It is the best natural diamond of the world.

Brown Diamond

Brown diamond is mostly found diamond. The brown diamond has many name like chocolate, cognac and the orangey afterglow of sunset. The color of the brown diamond is created not only by impurities but also comprised parallel gain structure with diamonds.

Fancy colour diamonds are not found easily, so the rate of the diamond is very high. The rate is very high because of their color, intensity etc. Fancy colour diamond is very exceptional from other diamonds, so day by day its popularity is increasing.

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