About Fancy colored Diamond

The women who likes jewelry definitely like diamond. Women have a great attraction for jewelry. Diamond is the best jewelry for them. The fashion of using diamonds have not started from a long days ago. At present, it is very much popular jewelry. There are mainly two type of diamonds. One is natural colored diamond and another one is colored diamond. Colored diamond is more expensive than natural colored diamond. Everyone has their own choice. So, it is only their decision what type of diamond they choose.

Natural colored diamonds are the best example of natural beauty. There are many reason for the color of the natural diamond. By replacing the elements of carbon molecules make the diamond colorful. When the carbon molecules will bond with the nitrogen molecules, then the yellow or light brown diamonds are formed. The boron molecules make the diamond bluish green. It sometimes make the diamond orange or red. Natural radiation makes the diamonds naturally colorful.

When the fancy color diamond is lacked of its color, then it is valued on the intensity of their colour. The popularity of fancy color diamond is increasing day by day. But it is so much rare and expensive. The fancy colour diamonds are not easily found in market. Now the fancy diamonds are sold $ 1.5 million per credit in the whole world. There is also a way to make the colorful diamond in the lab.

Some colours are rarer than others because the making process is so much rare. So, these are not found very easily in the market. These are extremely very exclusive. Some colours are little common.

The irradiation treatment is also used for creating fancy colored diamond. It also happens naturally. For creating this, gamma rays, neutrons, electrons, knocking carbon atoms are bombarded by the diamonds. This also create blue or green color. In this process, all the diamonds become bluish-green and black color. It does not create other colors. After irradiation treatment, it also give heat and pressure to create another color like brown, yellow, orange and pink. Annealed is another way of creating fancy color diamonds. It also provide high temperature and high pressure.

Fancy colour diamonds are exclusive, so the rate of the diamond is very high. The rate is very high because of their colour etc. Fancy colour diamond is very exceptional from other diamonds, so day by day its popularity is increasing. It also increases its market place.

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