Fancy color diamonds

Diamond is one of the best luxurious jewelry. When we think about diamond, we normally think about the white diamond. The white diamonds are nearly colorless. There are many white color diamond which are naturally clear, but some of them have natural color. These diamonds are called fancy color diamonds. They come with different color blue, pink, brown, and yellow.
When the white or clear diamond is lacked of its color, then the fancy color diamonds are valued on the intensity of their color. The fancy color diamonds are not easily found in market. They are rare. Day by day, the popularity of these type of diamonds are increasing. So, the market has been increasing a bit.

There are many specific condition for forming the color of the diamond. The natural elements and things like radiation are created by the color and then these diamonds has been formed. The color also contributed by the diamond crystal. These type of conditions are not very common in other diamonds.

Some colors are rarer than others because the exact process of making these color is so rare. So, these are not found very easily. These are extremely very expensive. Some colors are little common like red, orange, purple, yellow.

Fancy color diamonds are very rare, so the rate of the diamond is very high. The rate is very high because of their intensity, color etc. Fancy color diamond is very different from other diamonds, so day by day its popularity is increasing.

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